The future welfare of the Society of Polish American Travel Agents - SPATA - depends on the conduct of all its members, which good ethics prescribes.

Every member of SPATA (Active - Allied or Associate) must accept a full measure of responsibility in this direction in order to maintain the best traditions of the travel business and to improve its standards and the good name of SPATA.

In particular, a member of SPATA shall, in good faith, abide by and comply with the rules and the regulations of the By-Laws of SPATA and the resolutions of its authorities.

SPATA members shall not violate any of the principles of the Code of Ethics nor any of the regulations established by SPATA's By-Laws and its authorities. Especially inadmissible is the act of bringing out to the public by any means, complaints or disagreements with SPATA decisions or against its individual members.

Every member of SPATA must acknowledge the already-existing rule in the By-Laws (Para. IV.H), that he may be removed (with all the resulting consequences) from the Organization by the Executive Committee upon the motion of the Arbitration Committee of SPATA for failure to follow moral and ethical standards and for conduct and activities which are detrimental to the welfare of SPATA and its members.